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    Thank-you !!!

    I purchased the Small Business Inter-active graph, and it has helped me so much. Before, I thought I was focusing on my business everyday, but the spreadsheet shows my true daily work, which keeps me motivated and accountable. I have seen such growth!


    Susan P, FL

    Quality Product

    I have used the Customer Service Dashboard for almost a year now to track the activities of my 2 customer service agents. My small team now has monthly competitions on who can have the higher graphs. This has been fun, while also doubling our productivity! I love being able to control the data by clicking on the months I want to compare. I could have never created something this powerful


    Thomas R, CA

    Saved Me!

    I was working on a HUGE presentation and must have typed into the cells where formulas had been created. I had a huge PANIC moment. Visual Data was able to fix my spreadsheet and make it look better, for only $20!


    Kelly C, TX


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    I believe in working incredibly hard, and living life to its fullest. This picture is of me and my children about to plunge down an extremely steep mountain(it is much steeper than it looks, really:) As founder and CEO of Visual Data Solutions, I believe in the power of data and want to share this belief with you in a surprisingly affordable way. I am the recipient of the Pinnacle Achievement Award earned during my Master of Science in Technology (MST) from Northern Kentucky University, and have the skills to help you surpass your professional goals by understanding your data via visual indicators. I give you my personal assurance and stand behind every project I explore.